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How to rename the emptybpelprocess

662666 Member Posts: 49
edited Jan 26, 2009 11:33AM in BPEL
Hi Guys,

I have ReadFile Empty template process ( not synch or asynchronous process) it is working fine but , i want to change the file name.

Please any one can provide solution.



  • I assume it is the filename you are reading you want to change.

    You can use adapter headers to do this. Create a new variable, set the message type to inboundFieldAdapter (perform a partner link search it is there).

    Now double-click receive activity add the variable you created above to the adapter tab.

    You can now use the file name in an assign activity.

    If you want to change the file name it is the same process but you put the variable in the invoke activity and assign the filename before you invoke it.

  • 662666
    662666 Member Posts: 49
    no ,

    i want to change the emptybpel process name.

  • Oh, sorry

    depending on how complex your process I would create a new process with the correct name.

    The only why I know how to change the bpel process name is to go to the file system and do a find on all files and documents that have the name of the process in it. You then need to edit all the files with the name you want.

  • 659991
    659991 Member Posts: 36
    Hi Janardhan!

    There is a posibillity to rename the process: Select the .bpel file in the applications navigator, then choose File/Rename in the menubar. This will change the name of the process, as it will be deployed to the server, BUT...

    ... it will not affect the names of related files as there are WSDL, XSD etc.
    ... it will not rename targetnamespace or partner link definitions and port types

    So this feature is not really useful :-(

    Using search/replace on the filesysten seems to be the only solution to me too, but be warned as it could be very messy. I often ended up starting a new project :-((

    BTW: Selecting the project prior to File/Rename will change it's name too, but it won't change the processname... ;-)

  • 602229
    602229 Member Posts: 109
    the simplest and cleanest way is to use some tool like edit plus or notepad++ and use option 'find in files'
    then just do the replace string. In this you need to change the folder name manually by going to file system

    This is not an elegant approach though


  • DavidGaskell
    DavidGaskell Member Posts: 113 Blue Ribbon
    edited Jan 26, 2009 11:33AM
    There are 2 approaches I have used to rename a process:

    1) A very useful blog entry for how to Change A BPEL process name after it has been created can be found at:

    This uses custom ANT Tasks to rename the project including process name, namespaces etc

    2) An alternative an more manual approach is to use jDevelopers templates. Mark your process as a Template using jDeveloper, give it a name. Then create a new process based on this template. This will create a new process with all the code from the previous one. To tidy up the project you may want to search and replace for namespaces with the .bpel and .wsdl files to match the new process name (if the defaukt were used)

    Hope this proves useful


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