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Poor Performance of the WebLogic Portal System

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edited Jan 6, 2009 11:58PM in WebLogic Portal

I am facing one issue which has become bottleneck over the time as far as the development of my application is concerned.

My problem is that when i run and wish to see my portal page (Web Page)on Internet Explorer/Mozzila Firefox it takes so much time to get rendered (appx 10 mins). This is affecting the productivity as the page rendering is a frequent process to see the output of your work/changes made.

I would be very thankful if anyone can guide me what is wrong. Is this problem is with me only? Why Weblogic Portal system so slow as compared to other Portal systems like Microsoft's Sharepoint and IBM's Webshpere Portal system.

I am using Weblogic Portal v10.

CPU is 3.2 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, 3 MB Cache.

Please guide. I would appreciate if one can provide some way out to speed up the page rendering. I have tried changing the Heap Size etc but failed.

Thank You all. Have a great Day.


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    667822 Member Posts: 36
    10 minutes?!

    We need to narrow that down, it may be something in your portlet implementation. An easy way to get an idea would be to take a series of Java thread dumps of the WLP server instance while it is processing that portlet. On Windows, press CTRL-Break or Google for the way to do it for your platform.

    It will print out what each thread is working on - if you see your code in there over a period of time, you've got a problem in your portlet. If it is stuck in WLP code, let us know.

    I also did a blog entry about performance improvement tips during iterative development, some might apply for you:

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    I believe there was a problem in WLP 10.0 with workshop in that it recompiled all the JSPs even when it didn't need too on a redeploy. You may want to take a thread dump and confirm this. In 10.3 the iterative dev experience was greatly improved.
  • 678046
    678046 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Peter and Jolley. I feel the same. It looks like every JSP/Portlet on my portal page is getting recompiled un-necessarily. 10.2 is what i am using may be 10.3 is what i need. Is there any other way i can solve my problem using 10.2 only. Is this difference of performance between 10.2 and 10.3 significant or just marginal?
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