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Decision Service error

678086 Member Posts: 6
edited Mar 13, 2009 7:22AM in BPEL

I have written a simple rule using XML facts. I am able to comple and deploy a decision service. but I am getting a fault message back from the rules service.

<Fault xmlns="" env="" >
<faultcode xmlns="" >:operationErroredFault</faultcode>
<faultstring xmlns="" >business exception</faultstring>
<faultactor xmlns="" >cx-fault-actor</faultactor>
<detail xmlns="" >
<errorInfo ns0="" env="" xsd="" xsi="" >
<errorMessage env="" xsd="" xsi="" ns0="" >Error while executing a rule session unit of work, fact not found. The rule session NewCR4:90005 failed because the fact ishaan2.Rating could not be found or doesnt exist. Check the underlying exception and correct the error. Contact oracle support if error is not fixable. </errorMessage>

he rules ear file was built along with the bpel process service, by Jbuilder 10...4 environment (latest)... the class files are available in the classes folder of web-inf folder contained with the war file ( which is ear file)....

XML facts Ishaan2.Rating has been marked as visible and supports XPath Assertion.

ishaan2.Rating is the return (watch) type returned by calculateRatingFunction.

Also I have been able to do RL syntax validation. Everyhting seems to OK with no errors.

Any help will be really appreciated.



  • Hi Jay,

    That indicates that the fact ishaan2.Rating was not asserted as part of some rule action most likely because
    1. You assert above fact in some rule action but the rule doesn't fire (and hence the rule action is not executed)
    2. The above fact is not asserted in any of the rule actions.

    You might want to turn on debugging for the 'services', part of the debug log is a trace from rule execution.
    See the BPL dev guide on how to enable rules tracing.

    Best Regards,
  • 601127
    601127 Member Posts: 118
    edited Mar 13, 2009 7:22AM
    Hi all,

    I am experiencing the same error.

    Jay: Did you ever get it fixed? If so - how?

    Ralf: Could you please elaborate on what you mean by turning on debugging for the 'services'?
    I have not been able to find anything regarding enable rules tracing in the BPEL Developers Guide.
    I don't know if perhaps there is a new version out there?

    I have set the logging level to All in the BPEL console, but when I look at the opmn log I don't get more information about the error than what is printed in the BPEL console (as described by Jay).

    With regards to the two likely error candidates:
    I assert that a request parameter is true.
    I have created a rule which set a response parameter to true if the request parameter is true.
    So the rule should fire and the fact is part of that rule.

    Any advise?

    Thank you both in advance.
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