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HFM data extract question, about account_filter option for extract hfm data

673951 Member Posts: 42
edited Jan 22, 2009 1:58PM in Data Integrator

I am trying to extract hfm data to a sqlserver table, and I am confused about the account_filter option.

if I give the account_filter option as the account memeber 'AllBase' to extract the hfm data, I get no record back.

but if I first try to get account dimension members from hfm using enummemberslist, and then manually put the account member together, like '111111,222222,333333', then put this value to the account_filter option to extract hfm data, then I will get some records.

when we try to extract the hfm data to sql, am I supposed to get the dimension memberlist first and then use this result to get the hfm data extract?



  • WomanInEPM
    WomanInEPM Member Posts: 69
    Are you sure that "AllBase" is a valid parameter? The only reason why I ask is, in the HFM Adapater User's Guide it states:

    "ACCOUNT_FILTER—The Account dimension members for which you are exporting data

    You can specify comma-delimited accounts or one account. If you do not specify accounts,
    the system exports data for all accounts."

    It doesn't show that "AllBase" is an option...

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