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Integration Connection JDEV Fails to SOA

User54633-Oracle Principal Sales ConsultantMember Posts: 56
edited Jan 18, 2009 5:05PM in SOA Suite Discusssions
I have a valid app server connection. However, when trying to create the INtegration connection, both BPEL and ESB fail. Here are the versions:

JDEV: JDEV_NT_080718.1648.4270


  • What is the error?

    Have you made sure you are connecting to the correct opmn port, usually 6003

    Have you checked that you are connecting to the correct oc4j conatiner, home = basic, oc4j_soa = advanced. Jedeveloper by default sets this to home.

  • User54633-Oracle
    User54633-Oracle Principal Sales Consultant Member Posts: 56
    Yes on port and yes on oc4j instance (6003 and oc4j_soa) respectively. Good question on the as error as JDEV does not propagate the error to the user -- it just says "failed" and I could not find the logs in the jdev subdirectory or bin so I have no idea.

    First step might be getting to a log file if you know where that is.
  • When making the connection there is a link or button at the bottom of the frame called details, click on this and it will give a more verbose error.

    I'm thinking it will be complaining around identity, e.g. cannot connect because of user name etc.

    If this is the case then login to Enterprise Manager, find the application hw_services, its under the BPEL application in oc4j_soa. I suspect that it is running, you you need to do is stop and start it. Bouncing the application server doesn't work you need to stop it individually.

    If this is not the case post the error from the detail explained above.l

  • User54633-Oracle
    User54633-Oracle Principal Sales Consultant Member Posts: 56
    actually, the resolution was simply to reboot jdev and the connection functioned. Like so many other undocumented features, the first workaround is always to reboot. I have no other explanation as to why it works now. I changed nothing from the original properties.
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