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Application Server Infrastructure

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please help me,

i installed application server infra and midtier in my local machine, but when i tried to logon to Application Server Infrastructure page using the address <http://xxxx:18100/> its give me a prompt to enter the u/p so i put ias_admin and the password then its give me empty page and the following address in the address bar http://xxxx:18100/emd/console/targets "xxxx is my computer name"

when i want to logon to midtier its i put <http://xxxx:18101/> then after the prompt its enable me to logon and see the both infra and middtier when i press in middtier i can see all services is green , when i click on middtier its give this error:
**An error was encountered while loading page. We were unable to find a target. This probably indicates a stale bookmark, or a configuration problem.**

and this address on the address bar:"http://xxxx:18100/emd/console/ias/applicationServer$farm=infrastucture.xxxx$type=oracle*_ias$target=infrastucture.xxxx?event=doLoad"

all infra services is alive except dsa and logloader wich is normal


  • Hi.

    Maybe it's a name problem, usually when you install and your don't have configured the /etc/host file or DNS like


    and you have none or have

    * mycomputer*

    The installer may use one domain like

    Try to check in the infra oracle host under /install/ias.config you will be able to find the appropiated name, and if so, you may change your /etc/host file as is there.

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