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Genuine SQL sent to database

632157 Member Posts: 12
edited Feb 9, 2009 4:43AM in Data Integrator

I'm new with ODI and I'm using a lot of variables, when I run the interface or a package the Operator tool only show me the "logic" SQL (with all the variable names), It's possible to see the exactly SQL sent to database, with all the content of the variables?? I need to debug the query and I can't!

Thank you!


  • DGregD
    DGregD Member Posts: 47
    edited Feb 9, 2009 4:43AM
    the "genuine SQL"
    if you open operator and click on the execution of you rsceneria/package and expand out the steps. if you expand the step to then see the task(s) below the step then if you double click the task and select the "Description" tab you will see the sql associated with the task however there are still "odi variables" in the code you will have to look at and expand the "variables" section the first step after the packages or scenario execution icon.

    just watch out as the actual values may change in the package and hence you only see the last value assigned to the variable.

    ps you should also set the logging level to atleast 3 to 5

    Hope this helps.

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