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mail, Single Message Store

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we are trying to understand the IMAP store
as supported into iFS. It seems that if I
send the same message to 2 recipients this
delivers the message to the 2 accounts which
is fine.

Now when we look at the data as stored in
the tables it seems that we are seeing 2
times the same data.

I was assuming that the parser would realise
that the message with the same message-ID
would be inserted twice and would only keep
one copy of each of its elements. Only one
record for (in our case there was an
attachment to the message):
- header
- body
- attachment

This is what we call the feature of a Single
Message Store and this is quite important in
the messaging business.

Is this feature supported (how to enable
it) ? This is very important as it would
avoid duplicating messages in the database.



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    3004 Member Posts: 204,171
    Each body part is only stored once in the database no matter how many people you send the message to. However, the message objects which store the header and flags like read, marked as deleted, etc... are created for each recipient.

    The reason we parse the email and store each body part in a separate LOB is so that the database will index each body part separately. This allows you to perform searches which, for example, find a word in an attached word document.
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