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Missing NavigablePlacement

user9503787 Member Posts: 162
edited Jul 28, 2009 11:43AM in WebLogic Portal
In our wlp81 web project, there are some source code in myApp\src\com\bea\jsptools\portal, also some in classes directory and they are in our source control along with our own developed code. After I initial upgrade to wlp103, the web apps failed to build. In wlp81 there are 6 java files under myApp\src\com\bea\jsptools\portal\placement. But after upgrade there are only 3. PortalVisitorManager still reference those classes. I noticed that if I create a new web app in 103 there isn't any java file. Is it safe for me to delete those file under myApp\src\com\bea\jsptools\portal?


  • 663697
    663697 Member Posts: 108
    Yes, you should delete the com\bea\jsptools\portal folder; the upgrade wizard should have deleted those, but, if you had modified them in 8.1, it might not have deleted them by default. Those were the 8.1 visitor tools, which were technically sample code. In 9.2 and higher, there is a new visitor tools shared library which brings visitor tool functionality ( In 10.2 and higher, there is an even newer, better dyanmic visitor tools sample which brings rich-client style visitor tools functionality (

  • 712039
    712039 Member Posts: 5
    I modified those files in my WLP 8.1.5 but after upgrade to 10.2 these files are removed. In my application some files are refering PortalVisitorManager and PortletPlacement class. So by which class do i have to replace these references? Can anybody help me.

    Any kind of help is appreciated.
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