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ifs and oas

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Looks to me that iFS is closely related to OAS. My question is this:

If my web site is developed using OAS (mainly with PL/SQL dynamically created web pages) with the users having to log into the database to access pages, will iFS respect and use the user authentication that occurs under the OAS product?

For instance, I would like to protect files that the users need according to their divisions in the company. They have userid/passwords into the database to run the pages, but I need to keep this security in tact so they cannot just bookmark a file (like a word document, or an excel file) and simply open it without logging into the database. Will the user have to enter another username/password combination in order to gain access to the iFS?



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    iFS authentication is separate from Oracle database authentication. However, you can create iFS users that have the same username/password as your existing database users.

    iFS authentication also includes a feature that requires an iFS user to have a coresponding Oracle database user. So, for your situation, you could create iFS users with the same names (and passwords, if you want) as your existing database users, and then enable this feature.

    Read the Setup and Administration Guide for details on turning this feature on (it's an iFS service property: <credential_manager>RdbmsUserMustExist).
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    I read something about that in the White Paper that is posted on Technet; my question is related to whether or not iFS will authenticate using BOTH the username and password. From what I read, it looked like only the username was used to authenticate. Is this true, or is there an option to look for and authenticate using the password. And in addition to that, if both systems have the username and passwords there, will authentication occur behind the scenes, or will the user be prompted to enter their credentials when moving between systems?
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    Currently, iFS a native authentication service that is separate from the database schema/user authentication. Version 1.0 a feature that requires iFS users to have a matching DBMS user, but this does not have anything to do with the DMBS password.

    By "moving between services", I'm assuming you mean logging into iFS and logging into the database directly using SQL*Plus. In this case, users will have to authenticate for each "system". You are free to make the username and passwords the same; in this way, users will not have to remember two passwords or two usernames.
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