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IFS / SMB and other questions

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First i want to say that the "IFS-idea" is great.

Now i have several question on IFS:

1.) I've installes IFS 1.081 on NT and its work fine - but there is no SMB-Server, no SMB-DEF-File and i couldnt find it in the installtion jar-files.
where can i found it ???

2.) The NTFS-Server for a local connection did not work (no drive "o") - reason 1.) ??

3.) is it planed that i can put my own authentification-module into IFS? Our product manage businesspartners and sales informations - so our customers want to use that informations on there sites (B2C). So authentification against our datamodel to check if a customer has by a content is necessary - so for other cms we have an ldap-interface -
questions is : can i put ldap into ifs ??

4.) whats the timeline for a international character enabled version ?

5.) can i merge informations from ifs and my own datamodel via SDK ?




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