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How to configure SOA in Integrated WLS Server for JDEV

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edited Jul 13, 2009 6:48PM in SOA Suite Discusssions

I am trying to deploy a SOA Application but it says No SOA Configured targets found. How can I configure SOA on Integrated Weblogic Server in JDeveloper.



  • 206307
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    In the application view you can create a new app-server definitions. Create a new one, fill in hostname; port (7001) (Admin server); username/password ; click on test connection.

  • Theartoftech-Oracle
    Theartoftech-Oracle Member Posts: 4 Employee
    I am having the same problem. I have an independent WebLogic 11g server running. Within that Weblogic server I have the Admin server running on port 7001, and my soa server running on port 8001. I am not really sure how connecting to the Admin server notifies JDeveloper of the SOA server but I would imagine there must be a bit more configuration that needs to take place. What that configuration is, I am not really sure.
  • The Admin server managed this communication to all managed servers in the Weblogic Server. Just establishing a connection to admin server from JDEV is good enough.
  • Theartoftech-Oracle
    Theartoftech-Oracle Member Posts: 4 Employee
    Okay, so the Admin server controls the connection. Is there a screen that shows this? My JDev is reporting that the soa server does not exist, though the WebLogic administrator shows that it's there.

    I have checked the AdminServer.log and the soa_server1.log files and found nothing that would indicate an error. I also noticed there is something called a Work Manager. wm/SOAWorkManager This guy is pointing to just the soa server.
  • Theartoftech-Oracle
    Theartoftech-Oracle Member Posts: 4 Employee
    BTW the version of the Weblogic server I am running is, and the version of JDev I am now running is Studio Edition Version
  • Theartoftech-Oracle
    Theartoftech-Oracle Member Posts: 4 Employee
    I discovered the fix for this issue.

    If I install my administration server like this;

    The key is to delete the soa and bam servers and have the Admin server perform these functions.
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