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UCM integration with Weblogic Portal

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edited Jul 14, 2009 1:34PM in WebCenter Content

We have a requirement to use UCM, with weblogic portal. I understand that there are some ready made VCR adapters provided by Weblogic for the same.

UCM seems to have some overlapping features for many things like website editor.

Considering our requirement is - basic framework (header / footer ) comes from the WLP framework, and only certain portlets of the portal need to be content managed, then what can be the best approach. Also the right set of tools.

As the concept is fairly new, any kind of help will be deeply appreciated.



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    Hi Lilly,

    I've done several integrations with Weblogic portal. I feel there is no 'best' solution yet. 'Out of the box' there are portlets and the VCR/SPI integration. Both do not seem to be ideal / limited in their functionalities. So it is most most likely you will end up defining (and building) your own portlets and content behavoir.

    In that case you can develop using CIS and might want to consider the 'new' 10gR4 Site Studio integration abilities ( so you can have all content editing done in context of the portal.

    Hope this helps

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    I would probably second what Boris described. However, on July 29th if you make sure to watch the Oracle ECM Quarterly call you may get more info or a demo of the Stellent/WebLogic Portal integration. I'm not sure of that, but rumor has it they will at least discuss it if not demo it.
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    We am also in the same boat, but We have to do web logic portal personalization and inetgration with content management.
    We have the following integration options in mind..

    1 .Command layer integration,
    2. Content Portlet Suite (out of the box solution)
    3. content management service provider Interface(SPI) - using weblogic VCR
    -- We are thinking of going ahead with option 3 for personalization.
    4. using site studio publisher utility.
    We are thinking that..
    Personalization is going to be non-maintainable, if we are going with the currently proposed decoupled architecture implementation (4).
    Reasons –
    (i) Weblogic Portal will have hard coded code with the current approach. If with VCR (adaptor) approach, we can maintain the rules in Content Selector.
    (ii) Maintenance of the portal code will be needed, with every change of personalization rules.

    Any one of you..advice..option 3 is ok ?

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    If I recall correctly there is no nice way of getting dynamic conversions via VCR, can anyone verify this?
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