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Layout Structure for *html.txt file

I'm developping a new layout for my project but I'm having a lot of problems with the *html.txt files, at workspace studio it works fine but at the administration console some placeholders aren't shown and I really do not know why, I changed the structure many times but I get at least one thing wrong... so... is there any documentation for creating this files??, something like ..."" you must use one and only one table... you must no use colspan or rowspan those are evil properties"""...., or something similar I just want to check where my mistake is, or prove the platform has some bugs :P

I checked the source code at the admin coosole of my desktop and i found that the structure of the html.txt file is there and it's ok, but inside of every td tag you can see the divs that contain buttons and existing portlets for each placeholder but for the placeholders that aren't shown the output is just a < d i v / > tag, as you can see that tag is not the opening tag but is not the closing tag neither, so WTF is happening there??
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