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Dynamic webform with actual and forecast scenarios data

Philippe Cuisset
Philippe Cuisset Member Posts: 38
edited Aug 9, 2009 1:52PM in Planning and Budgeting

How to design a Plannning WebForm having 12 columns for months (Jan to Dec), displaying actual scenario data for past months, and allowing input of forecast scenario data for the current and future months ?

I guess i could put 12 substitution variables in columns titles : &scen_i = actual or forecast.

1) Is it OK ?

2) No way to use Planning variables instead of Essbase variables ?

3) Your solutions will be appreciated. Thanks

Philippe Cuisset


  • JohnGoodwin
    JohnGoodwin Member Posts: 30,471 Blue Diamond
    edited Jul 13, 2009 8:49AM

    I am not sure why you want to have substitution variables, why don't you have scenario as the page with Actual and forecast, then the user can select from the dropdown whether they want to input actual or forecast.

    Or is that you want to take actuals up to the current month and then the rest of the months are forecast ? If so you could have a rule that copies the actuals into the forecast scenario.


  • Thank you John,

    I want to take actuals up to the current month and then the rest of the months are forecast.
    A rule that copies the actuals into the forecast scenario is a good solution. But I try to avoid data duplication in the cube.

  • SamShetty
    SamShetty Member Posts: 40 Blue Ribbon
    Well the idea of copying the actuals to fcst scenario is a good one. I have a similar issue currently where i have some actual months combined with FCST months. The problem is actual months must be read only and fcst must be writable. So even though i copy these actuals to Fcst, i cannot prevent users from changing actual months data.
    Another solution that i found is to use shared members. Creating a seperate member with chiildrens as months.
    I simply define Childrens of the member in the webform. After every month i add a extra child(month) without touching any of the webforms. I have not studied it entirely yet but sounds to be interesting Let me know your views.
  • Jake Turrell
    Jake Turrell Member Posts: 735
    While I agree that data duplication w/in the cube is generally something to be avoided, the more "dynamic" solutions add complexity to the app that most clients end up regretting. Copying actuals into your budget or forecast scenario is by far the most commonly used solution to this problem. And the business rule only needs to be run when you update your actuals data, usually monthly.

    - Jake
    Jake Turrell
  • Jake Turrell
    Jake Turrell Member Posts: 735
    To prevent users from updating Actuals data, simply change the "start month" and "start year" associated with your given scenario.

    - Jake
    Jake Turrell
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