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Edit live rules in Oracle 11g SOA Suite

61301 Member Posts: 37
edited Jul 21, 2009 10:47AM in SOA Suite Discusssions
Is it possible to edit live rules in the 11g SOA suite stack? I am looking for the same functionality that was delivered via the ruleauthor web site in the 10g stack.

Additionally is it possible to publish rule sets into an environment without building a deployable artifact. WebDAV support has been dropped in favour of MDS however I am not sure if it is possible to publish an update to business rules without editing the rules in JDev then rebuilding a deployable version of the rules within an app.



  • Hi,
    You can edit live rules in Oracle SOA Suite 11g R1 as well.
    But there is no web ui in R1. You need to use the APIs to achieve this.

    Refer to this doc for more info:
  • 61301
    61301 Member Posts: 37
    Will a web interface, similar to the ruleauther, be provided by Oracle for the 11g stack. If so when will this be available?

    It seems odd that functionality has been removed from the 11g stack. By not providing the functionality within the 10g stack many people will find the upgrade painful especially if custom applications have to be writhen to provide functionality that was available within the previous release.

  • From what I heard, there was no plan for such UI in R1 PS1. But it will be part of further releases. You can confirm this with PMs.
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