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How to import data from ORACLE EBS to OBIEE

682981 Member Posts: 37
I am new to OBIEE, how to extract the data from ORACLE EBS to OBIEE
To individual subject areas, like
Financials- AR Transactions
Financials- AP Transactions
Inventory- Balances
Inventory – Bill of Materials

Any materials which may contain step by step procedure to extract
The data to the subject areas
Please do needful
Thanks in advance


  • rmoff
    rmoff UKMember Posts: 2,511
    edited Jul 30, 2009 3:31AM
    step by step procedure?

    1. Install OBIA
    2. Press the big red button marked "GO"


    you are looking for OBIA (of which OBIEE is part), start here:
  • 679808
    679808 Member Posts: 176
    Good points from rnm,

    considering OBIA installation point, you may find [OBIA Installation Guide|] useful.
    This one is for the latest, 7.9.6 version.

    Hope it helps..
  • Christian Berg-0racle
    Christian Berg-0racle Everything Analytics And Data Member Posts: 9,730 Gold Crown
    Or (seeing that it's EBS) with ODI if he wants to be funky ;-)
  • 66787
    66787 Member Posts: 484 is limited use release so I will stay away from it for now..

    7.9.6 is best best, the Fin, SCM and P&S analytics apps are quite stable so for most part you need those for the subject areas you have specified from EBS
    ;like financial analytics will include AP, AR, GL, Profitability etc...

    Make sure not to inclide the Financial account group cleanup subject area else you will get errors in ETL load.
  • User_71SVP
    User_71SVP Member Posts: 14 Blue Ribbon
    Hi ,

    to get started,get hold of Windows XP machine with min 2gb RAM ,2GHz CPU and atleast 70 GB of free Harddisk space.

    Install with Oracle 10g,
    Jdk (latest version)
    sql developer ( to query database)
    install OBIEE,
    install BI Apps 7.9.6 ( you will get Project analytics and Loyalty Analytics too with this release!!)
    Install Informatica
    get Hibernate libraries and configure DAC server,clients.
    get hold to the machine with APPs user of EBS source system.
    query the EBS source system and get the details as per the configuration guide and start filling your config files in SrcFiles and LkpFiles folder.
    once DAC is configured ,Start the execution plan and the dataloading for say 2 years of period (depending on the harddrive size that yu may have).
    you may also need to troubleshoot and debug during the ETL loading errors.
    once done you may disconnect the EBS system and work on the Datawarehouse.
  • 66787
    66787 Member Posts: 484
    If you use 7.9.6, Hibernate files are not required. use DAC 10g and it is much easier to install OBIA.
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