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Deploy process in Oracle BPM Enterprise.

710494 Member Posts: 16

I have a process which i have developed in Oracle BPM studio. Now I need to deploy this process in Oracle BPm Enterprise version. The other problem is how to access this process from enterprise. Where all the roles and participants maintained. I have oracle BPM enterprise integrated with Weblogic server.

Please help!!

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  • Dan Atwood
    Dan Atwood Member Posts: 2,313
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    Download the "Oracle BPM Enterprise Administration Guide" PDF from

    Take a look at pages 10 - 17. Page 17 describes how to create a new role in Enterprise.

    Look at page 22. This describes how you can match the abstract roles (roles created in Studio) to real roles (roles created in Enterprise described on page 17).

    In development, I'll usually just select the "Smart Publish" option as I'm publishing the project. This automatically creates a new real role on Enterprise and automatically matches it to the abstract role created in Studio while you're publishing your project.

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