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OSB - Simple passthrough

I'm sorry to ask what's probably going to sound laughably trivial, but I'm a bit stuck.

I've created a simple ADFbc web service using one of the tutorials out there and I have the basic getEmp1, createEmp, updateEmp SOAP methods.

I'm trying to follow along with either [RESTful Services with OSB|] or [Architecting a RESTful Services Gateway|] but I'm running into some trouble.

I have a basic initial proxy setup as a Messaging service
I have a branch for each of GET/POST/PUT/DELETE

And on my GET spur I'm trying to set up just a simple pass through to the getEmp service to begin without making any changes to the data.

I get as far as testing for the GET http-method and into the if/then but then what?

From the tutorials it looks like I need to add a service call out, and I'm trying that, but I can't figure out what I'm supposed to put in for the SOAP request body or SOAP response body. I'm guessing for the request, and a simple pass through it's just $body, right? do I test this from the test console? First off, is it a problem having it on the GET spur of things? For the payload information, I swiped the raw data from the http analyzer to get the envelope data; I've tried pasting that in with a useful empID number but I get an unknown error message saying it can't invoke the method on my BS.

I imported the wsdl using the bulk import
I create my BS using the imported wsdl.

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