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Page Number Limitation in OBIEE Table / Pivot Tables

I am working with tables and pivot tables; found online on how to put page numbers (limiting 25 rows/page) in pivot (funcinality not available in OBIEE);

My question is- is there a page number limitation in tables and pivot tables? Req is to return 500 or so records in pivot table;

Thanks for your help


  • 628531
    628531 Member Posts: 1,293
    There no direct control but you could play around with some control settings:


  • 717406
    717406 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for that quick reply John, I read that particular article of your blog but wasn't sure if that would solve my issue. At the moment I am not getting any errors so I do not want to change the server parameters. If need be then I will play with them. Thanks again for your quick response.
  • 717406
    717406 Member Posts: 4
    Nope you are right, At first I wasn't sure if that would solve my issue. But after taking a second look, yes I could actually increase the page numbers in Pivot Table to what ever (am not sure what is the limit though). Thanks again
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