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Connecting Presentation Services (tomcat) to BI Server

The installation guide says that it's possible to run the Presentation Service application on a J2EE application server such as tomcat. Per documentation, I've packaged and deployed the analytics.war file into a tomcat server. It deploys fine, but it doesn't work. If I search for *.xml files, I see:


While it seems that I can modify the web.xml file, it looks like this just points this instance of the Presentation Service to another instance of the Presentation Service. If I do this to my existing OBIEE installation, it works... but that's not what I want. Why would I want to run the Presentation Service twice?

What I want is for the tomcat version of the Presentation Service to point directly to the BI Service. On a basic installation, this redirection is done via the instanceconfig.xml file... but of course I don't have that file in the java packaged WAR file.

What gives? Is it really only designed to redirect to another Presentation Service?


  • Turribeach
    Turribeach Member Posts: 2,019 Silver Trophy
    I can see why you are confused, I got confused as well on the same issue. To get things clear open the [Deployment Guide|] and navigate to page 16 where there is a nice chart showing all the BI Components. What you have deployed in Tomcat is the "BI Presentation Services Plug-in" (a WAR file) not the "BI Presentation Services" (the sawserver process on Unix or sawserver.exe in Windows). The "BI Presentation Services" is the process/program that interacts between the BI Server and the "BI Presentation Services Plug-in" Web App. So basically you still need to connect to it whether you deploy in Tomcat or on any other J2EE Web App Server.
  • Tom G.
    Tom G. Member Posts: 8
    That sure clears it up. Thanks a lot.
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