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Dashboard Prompt clears box

Hi all.

I have an issue using the Multiselect prompt in a dashboard, imagine that you create a prompt over a column with more than 500 distincts values, then in a dashboard you want to select all the values except one.

So in the dashboard you open the multiselect box then press the "<<" button to select all values, after that select the value that you don't want to display and press the ">" button to exclude it, after pressing the "OK" button the box remains empty. I think this is a kind of bug but I want to know if this happens to you in your system.

I'm Using OBIEE


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    Yes it happens in OBIEE

    Possible work around could be after selecting all through << click on edit button(bottom left hand side of multi select window), now remove unwanted ones click OK will return to Multiselect window now again click on OK.

    --Hope it helped you
    Srinivas Malyala


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