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Business Rules are not imported in deployment process

693254 Member Posts: 11
Dear friends:

I am deploying a project. The project has 23 business rules.

In the Oracle BPM Process Administrator,--> Projects --> In the column Business Rules --> Details , There are not one business rule imported which was created in Oracle BPM Studio.

What is happening? Something is wrong in the deployment process?
Or what is the correct way to write business rule for a project?

I hope your answers.

Best Regards,


  • Dan Atwood
    Dan Atwood Member Posts: 2,313 Gold Trophy
    Hi Danny,

    If you're using Oracle BPM Enterprise running on WebLogic you're ok. I know it's disconcerting, but your business rules were really created and deployed. It's a cosmetic bug that prevents them from being able to be viewed in the Process Administrator tool.

    Hope this helps,
  • 693254
    693254 Member Posts: 11
    My dear friend Dan:

    Excellent answer.
    I was very concern.
    And I think, the unique way to edit them is THROUGH "Global Interactive".

    Thanks a lot.

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