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iFS bug

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We tried to create an user using the iFS-Java api and when we didnt give the proper directory group, we found a user created with the name null.We are not able to delete that, we tried thro iFS manager and thro web interface.Is there a solution to delete the user created with name null?
Looking forward for a response from any one of you.


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    3004 Member Posts: 204,171
    You'll probably have to delete it in the same you created it, using the API.

    You may have to use SQL to find the ID of the user. Under no circumstances should you try to delete the user via SQL. Once you have the ID of the user you should be able to use LibrarySession.getPublicObject(id) to get the item and then call it's free method.

    Depending on what else went wrong you may have corrupted other items in the user tables. If you do not have too much data in the repository it may make more sense to copy it out to the local file system and run $ORACLE_HOME/ifs/bin/ifsconfig to initialize the repository
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    Out of curiosity, why can't we delete the user via SQL ? Does this apply to other objects, as well ?
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    3004 Member Posts: 204,171
    iFS provides a high level interface (via java, XML, and the protocols) to a filesystem inside of Oracle8i. The schema is managed by the iFS repository software; it is not meant to be modified with low-level tools such as SQL. Think of the iFS schema as a black box; you should only use the iFS Java API to interact with it.
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