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How can I get the session name on ODI?

user8021415 Member Posts: 54
edited Sep 9, 2009 7:00AM in Data Integrator
Hello to everyone!

I need to get the session name of a package on ODI or if it's possible to get the name of the Scenario that I lunch.

I tryed to use the following string inside a variable :

but it'll not give anything back, while if I use the same string but writing SESS_NO it function correctly.

What can I do for take the session name?

Anyway I tryed to use also the SESS_NAME inside a procedure but it give me an error that said : +207 : S0001 : Invalid column name 'SESSNAME'.+

Where SESSNAME is the correct name of the session, but it gives me the error. Is like as it can read the session name but it can't show me in output in a file with the procedure. Even in the procedure I tryed the SESS_NO and it funciont.

Anyway I prefer to have a solution for using the SESS_NAME in a variable.

I hope someone can give me some solutions.

Thanks in advance.



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