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OBIEE - Disconnected Line Graph


I would like to know if the following requirement is achievable in OBIEE:

There is a line graph which reports measures across months. There may not be data for all the months in between the start and end month. But we want the line to be connected between the available data points.

For eg: say from January through December we don't have data for the month of March. By default the graph appears as two disconnected lines from Jan to Feb and Apr to Dec. But we want the line to be connected from the data point of Feb to that of Apr. Also, it should b a direct connection and not touch zero at the point for March.

(It sounds strange to me also, but this is what the client requested for.)

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  • How would your user know which part of the line graph actually represent values?

    You could suggest to use a condition so that only months with measurement > 0 will be returned and diplayed. But you will then end up with something like Jan09, Feb09, Jun09, Sep09 (and their values). I don't see how this could be useful to a user...
  • David_T
    David_T Member Posts: 2,432
    I agree with the Dutchman. You should read Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few. Among other things, he discusses the pitfalls of using certain types of graphs to display data and how they can be misinterpreted. What you are asking to be able to do is exactly what he advises against doing: making a graph appear to illustrate something that is in fact, not true. In your case, this means that there is continuity between February and March and April.

    What is most likely your solution is to use another type of graph or an explanation of why there are disconnects in the graph. But to artificially make a connection where none exists is misleading.

    As a dashboard creator, part of your job is to help the end-user understand not only what can or can't be done in OBI, but what shouldn't be part of the dashboard because it would lead to incorrect conclusions.
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