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OBIE Scheduler Error

Hi Guys/Gals

I've just been playing around with OBIEE and I have been trying to set up the scheduler so I can use ibots. Im new to OBIEE
so am unsure as to how to proceed.

When bringing up the scheduler I receive the following error:

"The service process could not connect to the service controller"

In Job Manager I have a SQL 2005/2008 database with a specific user set up for the scheduler user/password and ODBC 3.5 interface.The user/password for the sql db is fine i've tested that.
On general tab its set up for port 9705 and is the Admin password has been entered.
I've started and stop the services for publisher and server just in case but still cant get the scheduler service up.
I've also opened port 9705.

Any ideas or guidance would be great.


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