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Info required for any email adapter

priya4priya Member Posts: 85 Blue Ribbon
edited Oct 7, 2009 9:33PM in BPEL

I have a requirement to send email from different applications for different purposes. So instead of using email facility of each individual application, it is designed to use some common service to send & monitor emails. So it is planned to develop email facility as reusable web-service.

So it has been decided to use BPEL for developing proposed email service. This service should able to send email & also should provide mechanism for monitoring if the mail reached the destination or bounces back. Also action to be performed based on successful mail operation.

For all these above requirement, is email-activity provided by BPEL sufficient? Or there is any email adapter available for implementing above? If yes please provide details.

Thanks In Advance.



  • 714022
    714022 Member Posts: 450
    u can definately create a webservice which can send emails from BPEL but i doubt the monitoring part have to try it out.try using some sync process ans do some condition based on the reply
  • You could do monitoring but it would be very basic. It also wouldn't be the same service that sends the email.

    You need to have an email account that is used to send emails. This mail account should not receive any emails unless they are rejected.

    What you can do is set up a BPEL process that polls this inbox. This BPEL process can then process accordingly.

    I think it would be too difficult to do this in one service as 99.9% of the time emails won't be rejected so you will be adding more complexity to a service where it can be handled easier in a separate service.

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