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Taskflow stopped but showing Active status

HyperionUser48 Member Posts: 3
edited Feb 23, 2010 4:52PM in Financial Consolidation
We had a consolidation taskflow that had been started but wasn't working so the user stopped it from the "View Taskflow Status" page in HFM. This occurred several weeks ago, the servers & services have been restarted multiple times since then, however the status still shows as "Active".
Has anyone else had a similiar issue? How can we get the status changed to "Stopped" or remove the failed taskflow from the status page?


  • Erich Ranz
    Erich Ranz Member Posts: 570
    We've had this happen when a task is running and one of the HFM servers is rebooted. You can clear it out by going to Administration - View Taskflow Status. Then search for All (or Active) processes. Once listed, you can Stop it, then Delete it. You can also click on the ID to see which stage failed.
  • 667660
    667660 Member Posts: 55
    If you had set the taskflow to be run in a frequency like daily, even if you stop it, it will run again. You should disable it, or delete it.
  • Thanks for feedback. I've tried stopping it from the View Taskflow Status page but it doesn't change.
    I was able to replicate the issue in the Test system, then updated the status in the CES_TASKS table from Active to Done and restarted the services, after that it still showed Active on View Taskflow Status page but it did then let me stop it and delete it. I am going to try that in Prod during our next maintenance outage and hopefully it will work there too.
  • After updating the status in the CES_TASKS table and restarting the services in our Prod system, the Taskflow Status page still shows as Active and will not change when we try to stop or delete it. My next option is to delete the row from the CES_TASKS table, does anyone know if there are other tables that will also need to be updated?
  • 725477
    725477 Member Posts: 54
    Does your final stage point to an End? If not, it will never leave active status.
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