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unexpected rank result

hi, there are 5 columns in the request.

here is the data:


the formula of last year rank is RANK(last year profit)
this formula of this year rank is RANK(this year profit)

the request is applied top 10 concept.
I added a filter : RANK(this year profit) is less than or equal to 10

however, I get this unexpected result because the last year rank is not expected.

the unexpected result:

my expected result

how to achieve my goal ,
thanks !


  • David_T
    David_T Member Posts: 2,432
    One quick way to do this and allow flexibility for your end users is to limit the number or rows to 10 in your Table View (go into the properties of the Table View) and take out the rank filter altogether. If you enable sorting on the headers, then you can allow the user to choose how he/she wants to see the sort. Place a sort on the "this year rank" column in ascending order and the default view will be what you are looking for.
  • 707781
    707781 Member Posts: 500
    I know this approach but this is rejected by users , so sad
  • 707781
    707781 Member Posts: 500
    edited Oct 14, 2009 4:21AM
    hi, I see the sample of ranking from oracle sample web catalog "samplesales"


    in this samples, there are 11 rows (if the setting of prompts are unchanged)

    but you can see the last rank of "mth ago" = 14

    but you cannot see there are any ranks larger than 14 in "Curr Mth" and "Qtr Ago".

    so does it mean that the sample from "samplesales" does not give the result similar to my purpose?

    thanks !
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