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712118 Member Posts: 61
Hi, I'm getting this exception when I try to send an email by BPM Studio and I cant figured it out why.

I created the Outgoing Mail Service External Resource, fill all the fields, user, password, server name, port number, just like works on my Outlook. Jus for test.

The sending email activity code is (using Java):

email.from = "[email protected]";
email.recipient = "[email protected]";
email.contentType = "Content-type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8";
email.subject = "Anything";
email.message = "Email sent.";

MailSender sender;
sender = MailSender(email);

sender.send(implname : "ERMail");
catch (Exception ex)
logMessage("Email sent error: " + ex.message + " " + ex.cause);

and in log viewer there is only the message

Email sent error:

that's alll

any ideias? thks


  • 712118
    712118 Member Posts: 61
    I found it!!!!!!

    I had to create a new project with the same interact activity and due transition to the email sending activity to discover... In this new project it's works fine.

    So I compared both projects and in the Project Preferences, at the not working one, the J2EE Deployment was checked... voilá...

    Just unchecked it and went to take a beer, cause I lost almost one day on this f**k issue...

    Dont ask me why it was checked...

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