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53002 ldap search failure No Such Object

Upendra Nayak
Upendra Nayak Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon
Hi All,

I am facing an error while selecting the import option from the OBIEE Admin tool. We have created the LDAP groups in the Repository and when we try to import users of each LDAP group into corresponding groups in repository I am getting the *53002 ldap search failure* error.

This happens for only those groups where we have more than 20 + users.

The settings on the LDAP server are also same in both Staging and Production environment and this issue is occuring in Staging.

We synced both the LDAPs.
Got only Active users from Prod after deleting all users in Stg
The LDAP team fired the ldapsearch query for unlimited and all users are retrieved.

The main questions here are :
1) Is there any place where I am going wrong ?
2) What is the ldapquery that runs in the background when I select import from the GUI ?

Any help would be appreciated, This issue has held up work for a week now.


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