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Input Header Variable to enqueue messages in 11g

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edited Oct 20, 2009 1:49PM in Integration - B2B
We upgraded our SOA to 11G, and we are having issues in SOA proesses which queues messages to B2B where we used to pass the Input Header Variable in the invoke operation. We understand the variable is replaced with following properties in Invoke...

b2b.conversationId, b2b.documentDefinitionName, b2b.documentProtocolName, b2b.documentProtocolVersion, b2b.documentTypeName, b2b.fromTradingPartnerId, b2b.fromTradingPartnerIdType, b2b.messageId, b2b.messageType, b2b.replyToMessageId, b2b.toTradingPartnerId, b2b.toTradingPartnerIdType

Does anyone know what properties are mandatory? And is this all we have to pass to the queue along with the payload?
I also notice the properties in this invoke are all blank if I reopen it, and this may be a question to SOA forum I guess.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Also please point to any documentation on this.



  • Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle
    Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle Member Posts: 7,077 Employee
    Hi Veeru,

    Below headers are mandatory in case of request message -

    1. b2b.fromTradingPartnerId
    2. b2b.toTradingPartnerId
    3. b2b.documentTypeName
    4. b2b.documentProtocolVersion

    Below additional headers would be required in case of a response message -

    5. b2b.replyToMessageId
    6. b2b.messageType

    Along with above headers you have to pass the payload.

    Please refer below link to know about the mapping of B2B IP_MESSAGE_TYPE to SCA Normalized Message Properties -

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