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uid/ sAMAccountname in LDAP for OBIEE security access

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After getting connected to the LDAP , when I go to advanced tab and there automatically it is defaulted to - Automatically Generated for User name attribute type.

and the value is uid.

But since teh ldap is Microsoft AD putting uid doesn't help me to import the users but when I change it to name , sAMAccountname , I can see the users but the instead of the user id i am lokking the full name and that full name becomes teh user name for OBIEE. like say if the user name is David Brown instead of showing dbrown it shows the full name . Actually the user name should be dbrown.

Could anyone pls. help me what value i should put in the --- Automatically Generated for User name attribute type --- field so that the user name becomes userid like dbrown.

OR is it something that need to be changed in ldap.

thanks and appreciate any guidance.


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