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OBIEE delivers bursting -- HELP NEEDED

Hi All,

We are trying to create bursting solution for a Sales report to be send out to multiple salesrep. None of the salesrep are OBIEE users. We have set up the SA system subject area, which enabled us to send the Sales report to all the salesrep. But the issue is all the salesrep are able to see the whole report. i.e see data pertaining to other salesrep. We somehow want to restrict this. What we are trying to achieve is, we create 1 ibot for the Salesarea report to be send out to multiple salesperson, with each salesperson viewing only his/her data. Currently we have created a conditional request out of SA system subject area which filters all the salerep whom we want to send the report. The main report - Sales report is set in Delivery content.

Not sure how can we apply the conditional request as a filter on the main sales report in run time, so that all the salesrep will see his/her own data.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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