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Single Sign of Marketing Segmentation User

I have an issue with the Single Sign of Marketing Segmentation User.

We have a marketing user *'XYZ'*. For him Single Sign for Answers is working fine in Sibel Marketing Applications side.

He is given the following responsibility:
Core Responsibility -Marketing Planning Manager
Add-on responsibilities-Marketing Program Manager Segmentation User

When the user is accessing OBI Answers first through SSO and then trying to access Segmentation then he is able to login to Segmentation through SSO.
But if he is trying to login to the Segmentation first (priorly without logging into Answers first) then he is unable to access the segmentatin view through SSO. The OBI Answers screen is apperaring but it displays *‘Not Logged On’*.

My requirement to implement SSO for the user by which he can access Segmentation by SSO irrespective of the sequence of logging into Answers or Segmentation i.e. he should have the access for Segmentation view in the first try.

Please let me know any solutions for this issue or it would be great if you could provide some relevant document.

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