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Admin tool hangs with Vista

I am trying to log in to the Oracle BI Admin tool through an ODBC connection but it hangs on the login screen. Other members on my team are able to log into the environment and the only noticable difference is that I am using Windows Vista on my PC. This was for an upgraded version to I was previously able to login through ODBC through Are there any differences or additional configurations that need to occur in order to login?


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    Check if vista is supported.
  • 732391
    732391 Member Posts: 4
    Yes, Vista was listed on the chart within that document for the Admin tool.
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    edited Nov 5, 2009 6:33PM
    Did you check nqsadmintool.log files to see what error codes and descriptions are generated at the time tool hangs?

    also check if you have same version for client as is on the server. (.1)
  • 732391
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    Where is this file located? I do not see it on the server at \OracleBI\server\Log. I see the file at that location on my local machine but it does not have any updates. Also, the version of the Admin tool that I have on my local pc is the same version as on the server (.1)
  • RickGrieve-Oracle
    RickGrieve-Oracle Member Posts: 98 Employee
    Windows Vista 32 bit is supported, not so sure about 64 bit. Which version are you using?

    On 64 bit Windows there are 2 odbc data source admin utilities.

    (1) Windows\system32\odbcad32.exe
    (2) Windows\SysWOW64\

    Can you check that your data source is defined in both?

    I believe that Oracle BI EE Admin tool looks in (2) for the odbc data sources. Whereas the Oracle client that you install looks in (1).

    The following link offers advice on getting 64 bit Windows and OBIEE working:
  • 732391
    732391 Member Posts: 4
    I am using 32 bit Vista, so I don't have the second location.
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