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BI Answers pivot problem

Hello everyone,
i'm working with a pivot table in Answers and have a number of columns with some numeric values (measures) with a total under the rows (after sum).
However, I don't want to show values but percentage for each value in the column based on the total for that column.
The problem is that in some of the columns i have only value 0 (zero), so the sum of that column is also 0 (zero) and the percentage can not be calculated (it is division 0/0 which is infinity/undetermined) and the pivot gets no values for these columns (it's just empty, no null no error, nothing).
I would like not to have these "empty" columns but "0%" as a value. What is a solution for this? Can I, somehow, set a property or something that would say "if there are empty cells, put some value that i want in there"?

To illustrate this, I put together this small table:

-------------col1 col2 col3
--------------11 0 15
--------------7 0 13
total(e.g.) 58 0 44

In this case, when I convert the values to percentage e.g. 11/58 makes ~19% for the first cell of the col1, but for values in col2 I have 0/0 since the total is also zero, as it is for each value.

any help is welcome, thanks

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