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Filter Measure using Variable



  • 710389
    710389 Member Posts: 193
    I guess it's not a simple report...problem is probably situated in other object of your report....

  • 729747
    729747 Member Posts: 30
    Ok. Lets try again from the beginnig.

    A report i am trying to do in answers is for an essbase aso cube. After importing a multidimensional essbase cube in bi administration tool at a physical layer the year dimension becomes by default type VARCHAR. I dont changed this setting. As possibles type is DOUBLE, VARCHAR and UNKNOWN.
    Maybe DOUBLE will help me.....

    Thanks in advance
  • 729747
    729747 Member Posts: 30
    Thans for help))

    Adding to a previous message:
    Its a really simple report without any other "extra" settings for other columns. Get an described above error in different views: table, pivot table, diagramm....
    no idea what else can help...
  • 729747
    729747 Member Posts: 30
    I didnt found the answer for an important in my case answer.

    Maybe is there any other suggestions or Examples about using variables for filtering Measure Column...?

    Thanks a lot in advance)
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