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Admin user for analytics with SSO on

Hi guys

hw to create user in SSO OID who got admin rights on analytics..

any doc or link or any knowlede will be very help full



  • 12663
    12663 Member Posts: 160
    You would grant the user the group Presentation Server Administrators. However, don't do that directly. Make users a part of the group which is assigned "Presentation Server Administrators". If you are integrating with EBS or Siebel, all you would have to do is assign the user to that responsibility in Siebel.
  • 605891
    605891 Member Posts: 111
    HI ggg

    i am really sorry i am not able to understand your reply.. my apologies actually i am new to obiee .. do i need to create any new group in OID and then assign that group to user to grant user Admin rights on dashboard.

    Thanks for your help so far


  • 605891
    605891 Member Posts: 111
    hi guys

    is anybody using sso with obiee.. please help me .. hw i can create admin user for dashboard in OID.

    Thanks for your help..

  • Vladimir L
    Vladimir L Member Posts: 38
    edited Dec 2, 2009 10:47AM

    If you mention administrator priviledges for Oracle BI web you have to add username to Presentation Server Administrator group.
    Steps are follow
    1. login to web admin http://analytics_url:9704/analytics/saw.dll?Admin
    2. click on Manage Presentation Catalog Groups and Users
    3. Add required username to Presentation Server Administrator group
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