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PortalNav with a 'pure' variable (not linked to a table)

I am hoping someone can help - I have spent the entire afternoon trying/looking for the answer.

I understand the PortalNav javascript, but it seems set to look for a table.column type of variable to pass across dashboards (at least according to the manual).
What if I need to transfer a variable that is not part of a table?


1) My entire tab looks for a specific variable (dropdown) I call viewVar. The reports in that tab are using that same variable in many of the calculations in several of their columns (i.e 'CASE WHEN @{'viewVar'} = 'a string' THEN...). This variable viewVar is not linked to any particular table, but the user is able to modify the behavior of the reports based on the variable.

2) On another tab, I created a small narrative and I am trying to have a "more..." link that would take the user to the tab mentioned above and set the appropriate value for viewVar.

All the posts I have read so far give examples with variables as part of tables, and I have not been able to find the solution to this headache....

Thanks in advance
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