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How to define a process level constant to be used inside a BPM Object?

606248 Member Posts: 59
I need to define a constant with the name of the process of the instance that it is executing.

I have a BPM Object that it is shared with multiple processes.
Inside that BPM Object I have a method that needs the name of the process it is running.

Is there any way to define a constant visible anywhere in the process? By anywhere I mean inside an BP-Method, not in an Automatic Activity.


  • 712704
    712704 Member Posts: 23
    Not sure if this what you're looking for, but in a samples project named 'ExpenseReimbursement' there is a way to set and get global Process Options.

    It might not be suitable for your problem (and maybe not the cleanest solution), but such a setup might be used to construct a globally available variable.

    Kind regards,

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