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Enterprise Manager and Customers

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I want to let possible customer know their system's health with EM.
To test if EM is siutable for me I created an empty user (as sysman) via Setup > Security > Administrators called "customer1" and assigned this user to the Role "customer1_role".
This role allows the user to view his databases "cust1db01" and "cust1db02".

I tested the user, and truly he can't see only the databases that where assigned by the role.

My question now is:
Can I hide some of features like "Incident Manager" and "Blackouts"? => Customers shouldn't do that.
Also I want to hide some Widgets on the Database Detail Page like "Diagnostics … ", "Incidents and Problems", is this possible?

I couldn't find privileges to prevent users using features or change the style of the detail pages.

I tested this with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c (


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  • MarkM-Oracle
    MarkM-Oracle Member Posts: 134
    Enterprise Manager Security is documented in the Administrators Guide.

    You will find information here regarding the privileges that are available.

    There is a Target privilege for BLACKOUT_TARGET and a Resource privilege ISSUE which can be used to restrict access to Incidents and Problems.

    Regards, Mark.
  • 944746
    944746 Member Posts: 12
    Thanks for the docs.

    I did not found any informations about customizing the widgets on the detailpages. Is there a possibility I have missed?

    "Blackouts" is shown in the menu but "customer1" can see it and use it to get to the blackouts page. He also can click on create but
    can not choose a target to finally get the blackout done. I think this is the way EM handles the missing privilege if Blackouts are disabled for the user.

    There is no way to make the option "Blackouts" disappear from the menu for "customer1"?

  • So that I can file an Enhancement Request, can you tell me if you would you want to apply this to all instances of a particular target type, or to work on an instance by instance basis?

    Thanks, Mark.
  • 944746
    944746 Member Posts: 12
    edited Jun 29, 2012 3:44AM
    All Instances would be much easier.


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