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creating new user in 12c Grid Control

jay vardhan
jay vardhan Member Posts: 8
edited Jan 16, 2013 7:41AM in Enterprise Manager

We need to create new user for specially for our system admins, which also should have privilege to install/de-install agent on any host...

Please suggest what roles that should be assigned.

Thanks in advance.


  • MarkM-Oracle
    MarkM-Oracle Member Posts: 134

    Take a look at the EM_HOST_DISCOVERY_OPERATOR role. You would also need to look at the credentials required for pushing the agent from the console (assuming you are going to deploy the agent using this method). You could grant this user access to an already created credential or grant them the necessary privs to create their own credentials.

    Regards, Mark.
  • Thanks MarkM,

    I will check with EM_HOST_DISCOVERY_OPERATOR role. Meanwhile also i would if you help me in understand difference between EM_HOST_DISCOVERY_OPERATOR and M_PLUGIN_AGENT_ADMIN.
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