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Oracle Webcenter portlet producer

878913 Member Posts: 61
edited Mar 12, 2013 6:23AM in WebCenter Portal
Hi All, i am new to the oracle web center.

My requirement is i have to expose ADF service into the portlet producer through wsdl it possible its working fine, when i am using ADF service with the security its not working....

Is there any solution for that ?...

Error like : Unable to access or transform markup from the WSDL URL: http://localhost:1000/Application/portlet-context/wsdl?

Please me help me out to achieve this.



  • Yannick Ongena
    Yannick Ongena Member Posts: 1,986
    Why do you want to use portlets based upon ADF?
    Why not just expose them as taskflows. There are many drawbacks from using ADF Portlets like iframe rendering, performance, page size increase,...
  • 878913
    878913 Member Posts: 61
    Hi Yannick,

    Thanks for ur reply can you pls tell me how to expose them as a taskflows.....

    can you pls tell me the procedure...? or any links related to this task

  • Daniel Merchán
    Daniel Merchán Enterprise Achitect Member Posts: 2,192 Gold Trophy
    edited Mar 11, 2013 12:48PM

    To work with Task Flow you have to create "Bounded Task Flow" that can be integrated with WebCenter Portal.

    To build reusable bounded Task Flow I recommend you follow next steps:
    - Create a Fusion Web Application in JDeveloper separate of Portal Application to develop.
    - Create in the Fusion Web Application your Bounded Task Flow and test it independetly if it's possible.
    - Create an ADF JAR Library of you Fusion Web Application and integrate it to your WebCenter Portal (as internal library or deployed shared lib).
    - Add your Task Flow to your Resource Catalog.

    Links that can help you to achieve your purpose:
    - Yannick Ongena Blog about build and expose TF (
    - My own blog (in spanish) talking about 3 ways to integrate your ADF JAR Library in a WebCenter Portal Project (
    - Also if you search in google about ADF Task Flow and Bounded Task Flow and how to reuse you will find a lot of tutorials like and more...

    I hope this help you.

    Daniel Merchán
  • 878913
    878913 Member Posts: 61
    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for reply the information you were given on task flows in web center portal its working fine ...

    But i want to use same task flow in web center spaces.

    Please tell me the procedure for taskflows using in web center spaces...

    Thanks Daniel...
  • Daniel Merchán
    Daniel Merchán Enterprise Achitect Member Posts: 2,192 Gold Trophy
    edited Mar 12, 2013 6:23AM

    My recommendation is to deploy your ADF JAR Library as shared-lib in WebLogic. Is the best way to reuse the same lib between WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Spaces.

    If you worked extending WebCenter Spaces you know that it works with shared-lib to add the new functionallity.
    You can do the same with WebCenter Portal.

    Then follow next steps:
    1) Create your Task Flow inside of the Fusion Web Application.
    2) Create ADF JAR Library from your Fusion Web Application.
    3) Depending of Portal or Spaces:
    - WebCenter Portal: Add your library to Portal classpath (following the links that I shared) but configure your deployment option to not deploy this library. Follow a guide of how to deploy your ADF JAR library as shared lib in WebLogic. Register the shared-lib in your weblogic.xml and redeploy your Portal Application.
    - WebCenter Spaces: Register your shared-lib in weblogic.xml and redeploy WebCenter Spaces using the scripts. Or add your libraries to the default shared-lib that deploy the scripts.

    This guides will help you to deploy your code in WebCenter Spaces (Samples) (Understand how Spaces works)

    I hope this help you.

    Edited by: Daniel Merchán on 12-mar-2013 10:20
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