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Best Approach for Security in WebCenter Portal Application

Sashank Pappu
Sashank Pappu Member Posts: 80
edited May 29, 2013 1:36PM in WebCenter Portal

We are analyzing a right approach for webcenter portal security on an application . We found that we can do all Roles and Security in Page Hierarchy which in turn stores the security details in Jazn-data.xml . Is this the right approach for defining the roles and security for a webcenter portal application .

What is the importance of Configuring WS_security in webcenter Portal Application and do we need to define this WS_Security even after defining them in page hierarchy. Could you please guide us on this .

Thank you,
Sashank P


  • Hi ,

    Do you need to configure security only to pages / components inside pages?

    1)Based on your question i think we can reframe it to role based access .
    Role role based access is a good starting ponit, where you can assign role access to Differnt components within a page, navigations,Pages etc.

    2) You can assign roles and access after deploying the application thru EM console.

    3) All the role based access gets stored in system-jazn.xml, it is ok for development but when you move to production it is advisable to reconfigure it to be DB based /LDAP based.
    You need OPSS Schema for this.
  • Hi Satish,

    Thanks a lot for your Reply . We need to configure using role based access mostly. We have LDAP and we have to map the users and roles accordingly. But Can you please let us know do we need to even configure WS_Security as I am not able to get right clarity on it. Why and where do we use WS_Security .

    Could you please differentiate WS_Security and Role Based Access in terms of where and why do we need them .

    Thank you,
    Sashank P.
  • Hi Shashank,

    First sorry for late reply,

    WS_Security, can you please explain what do you mean by WS_Security, from the term i could not infer which part you are talking about.

    Let me tell you about the Webcenter security -

    This is the heirarchy , the Fusion middelware forms the base with webcenter at the top.\

    Webcenter Security
    ADF Security
    Fustion Midddleware Security (OPSS)

    Now you are goin to apply security to your Webcenter and ADF layers.

    Lets come back to the question .
    Any webcenter portal, you have to use the Jazn-Data.xml file to secure all the content whether its the navigation /pages /admin pages/taskflows etc.
    Its pretty much easy to use , let me know if you have any difficulty on that.

    Page hierarchy -> Yes you have an option to set your security for pages alone, here you have addition fine grain permisions (update/delete/personalise etc).
    If you need those fine grain permissions you can use this.

    To Conclude i would say use jazn-data for taskflows/components/admin page protection etc.
    Use Page heirarchy's fine grain permission to pages and navigation model's visible attribute to show/hide navigation based on user's roles.

    Let me know if this helps
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