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Issue: Java Cloud redeploy job stuck for days - no start/stop/add/delete available

Michael OBrien
Michael OBrien Member Posts: 26 Blue Ribbon
edited Jun 20, 2013 5:17PM in Java Cloud Service


     I redeployed a version of my application (around the 40th redeploy over the past week) and the job became stuck last Friday and is still running 3 days later (I could not post to the forum for support as it was read-only over the weekend) - as I am still in my trial before going paid I did not have a support number to reset my cloud instance.  My concern is that this was occurring last Feb before a software upgrade and we just had another one last Friday.

     If I try to start/stop/redeploy or add an application I get the following error

see screen capture…


  The operation cannot be invoked because the service is running Java Cloud Service Job 170371. Wait for the job to complete, then re-run the operation."

     I would like to request an option on the control panel where we can delete stuck jobs - as the job in question is blocking any further operations on my clould instance - and since the application is not running - my service is rendered unusable.

     This has happened in the recent past - see

thank you


20130610:1640EDT Oracle Support is looking into the issue


  • Hi,

    Issue is been followed up through an SR.



  • Michael OBrien
    Michael OBrien Member Posts: 26 Blue Ribbon


      Hi, understand and thank you very much for the reset.  However, I would like a cause for the 1 week stuck deployment process.  Before I commit to $5800/year for the service I need to know how this happened and how to fix it automatically in the future.  Ideally it would be good if the PaaS weblogic instance ran a watchdog process that automatically shutdown stuck jobs after 10 min - as they normally take under 10 seconds.  Or, could you add functionality to the deployment web tool that would allow myself the option of killing the process as I lost a week of my 30 day review.

    thank you


  • Michael OBrien
    Michael OBrien Member Posts: 26 Blue Ribbon

    Correction - $533/month or $6400 per year $CAN - I am all in.

    production database and java instance now running.

    Unique to Oracle - I had a lot of help from 2 engineers from California over the last week.

    [email protected]

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