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ADF application with custom login page in Web Center Spaces

1009537 Member Posts: 6
edited Jun 17, 2013 8:58AM in WebCenter Portal

Hi experts,

I want to display my adf application as portlet consumed and displayed in WCSpaces which is configured with SSO using OAM .

But i am facing few issues here :

1. Custom ADF App has a Custom login page(jspx).

2. Login page has username,password and submit button.

3. When i clicks submit button its executing some backend java code written in managed bean.

4. Since WCSpaces is configured with SSO its showing OAM login page(SSO login) and i am logging into the spaces.

5. But when i am going for displaying my ADF App in Spaces it should not display login page(of Custom ADF app) and i should be able to view the landing page(of Custom ADF app) which has view access to the logged in user.

6. I am converting My Custom ADF app as portlet and registering that portlet(WSDL Url) in WCSpaces and adding it to the page created in Spaces.

With above requirements(restrictions/constraints) how can i achieve this?

It would be of great help to me if you suggest me a solution to this problem.

Could any one of you please guide me through the solution for this kind of requirement.I am unable to proceed further.

Thanks & Regards,



  • Daniel Merchán
    Daniel Merchán Enterprise Achitect Member Posts: 2,192 Gold Trophy


    Why not expose your ADF functionality as Bounded Task Flows instead of Portlets?. With this way you're integrating your ADF Application in Spaces security and also in SSO.


  • 1009537
    1009537 Member Posts: 6

    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you very much for your suggestion.

    If i go with bounded task flow how can i deal with custom login page which is the entry point to access my ADf App.

    Should i remove the login page so that when i consume the ADf app as portlet it will directly show me the landing page?

    In that case how can i achieve the functionality of managed bean code which is executed by clicking the submit button in custom login page.

    In my Custom adf app, i am getting the logged in user information through username and password fields of custom login page and i will set some parameters related to user session data which i will use in other managed beans through my entire adf application.

    If i convert custom login page as portlet , user will again be shown the login page in wc spaces.

    If i convert landing page as portlet , i am going to miss the functionality of managed bean(of custom login page) in WC Spaces.

    Could you please guide me on this . This can really help us.

    Thank you,


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