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Report level calculation percentage not getting displayed in pie chart

Avik09 Member Posts: 4
edited Mar 13, 2014 1:46PM in Hyperion Query and Reporting

Hi All,

We need to display percentage in pie chart. But we do not have any members in the application which calculates the percentage. we are calculating the percentage at report level and then trying to display that calculated member in the pie chart. This is not happening. Is there any why for this to happen?  However when we hover our mouse we can see the percentage value. Own target is that users only see percentage and not raw data.

Could anyone provide any solution ?


  • Harishkumar Y-Oracle
    Harishkumar Y-Oracle Member Posts: 112 Employee


    Can you please try following steps :

    1. Set display type as 'Spreadsheet'. Make sure that data sets are in columns.

    2. For each data set which must be present on a Pie chart create a 'Percent' calculation to calculate the percent from total (e.g. 50,000 is 25% from 200,000). Choose descriptive names for all


    3. Add necessary data formatting to get calculated data cells showing the '%' suffix. Check the 'Apply to entire grid' checkbox.

    4. Add the 'Show/Hide Only' definition to hide all members and leave only

        Calculations created on step #2.

    5. Set display type as 'Pie' chart. Once all steps are completed, you will get a Pie chart with percentage values

         shown. This values will remain even after changing chart dropdowns.

  • Avik09
    Avik09 Member Posts: 4

    Hi Harish,

    Many thanks for your reply.

    But unfortunately it does not solve my issue. For further clarifications, I am explaining the issue again.

    We have some value segregated in different columns for a single account member. And based on those value the pie chart is created.

    As per our requirements, we are designing the report in such a way that one single account member will be in row and another calculated field will be there in row alongside that particular account member. Hence as the account member contains the value(cost) in all those segregated intersection, Web Analysis only considers that particular account member while creating the pie chart based on the POV. So although the percentage calculation is done correctly and also showing correct data with '%' suffixed at the end, but during the pie chart generation Web Analysis only consider the member as per POV , and as the account member is a part of POV and calculated field not the part of the POV, we are not able to generate pie chart based on that percentage calculation. However if we consider that account member, pie chart is successfully created showing the data. But my target was to show the percentage value instead of data and was not able to put it on pie chart, as I found pie chart is getting creating involving the POV members only and not on the calculated field. If that is the case with Web Analysis, we need to create a separate member in essbase hierarchy to calculate value and involve the same in the POV to show percentage value. What do you think?

    If you still have problem understanding the issue, please let me know.

  • Harishkumar Y-Oracle
    Harishkumar Y-Oracle Member Posts: 112 Employee


    Can you share the snap shot of the Report.



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