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How to Delete a Saved Case in Web Determinations

FC 11131
FC 11131 Member Posts: 25

Hi OPA developers,

In the middle of debugging a rulebase via Web Determinations, a user decides to stop in a particular question and come back to it later.   Thus clicks on [Save] on the screen and enters a Case ID (the Save Case Operation).

However after multiple cases have already been saved, a user decides to delete a few cases to simplify the list of only the necessary cases to be continued.  Can anyone please advise how a case can be DELETED?  There is no Delete function on screen by default, neither is a Delete Case operation in Interview Services.

Appreciate your inputs.




  • All saved cases are Oracle Policy Automation XDS (eXplicit Data Set) format - stored in filesystem with [case-id].xds

    In Debug - go to Release folder for your project -> web-determinations -> data -> [rulebase-name] -> delete file case files as needed.

    In Application Server - go to [wed-determinations] -> data -> [rulebase-name] -> delete file case files as needed.

    Hope this helps

  • FC 11131
    FC 11131 Member Posts: 25

    Thanks Ajay!  I tried these steps and they work!

    Just wondering if there is a way to bring this in the front-end, i.e. ability for users themselves to delete their saved cases online?


  • It is technically feasible to achieve this by providing a "Delete" link against each listed case. This requires customization to velocity templates to display the additional link and a link handler.

    Assuming you are using OPA Web Determinations on Java platform, you can create a Java Servlet to handle "the delete request" when user clicks on the delete link and remove the case from the file-system as described earlier.

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